Postmodernism(e) nr.5-6/2010 – Identity Dissolved/*** de la Institutul European

The present volume attempts a reassessment of cultural identity, a reintegration between text and world, history and narrative, meaning and value. Conceived as a a collection of essays, set out to explore the notion of identity as a constantly relevant, very complex, multi­faceted phenomenon, the volume points to the field of intersection of two areas: the interface between literature with mainly an issue of identity – and the cultural practices – with a bias towards cultural studies ­ marking a new area of critical investigation and bringing the two traditionally separate paradigms into an integrated approach that combines critical cultural studies text analysis. Authors resort to the creation of a model reinvention of cultural identity and identity marking a path to postmodernity. However, the volume also proposes a research of cultural memory, highlighted by a speech and confrontation search transtextual cultural identities. This volume, admit the authors, seeks to facilitate the reader a holistic understanding of human nature. Din cuprins: Human Identity Politics: Homo Indeterminus; Culture – Identity – Simulation; Formation of Cultural Identity; Away from Cultural Identity; Hybridity and Cultural Identity; Identity Landmarks; Utopia Recycled; Identity­-in-­History; Re-­evaluation of the American Dream.
Brand: Institutul European
Categoria: Books / Carte/Hobby, timp liber/Hobby
Postmodernism(e) nr.5-6/2010 - Identity Dissolved/***
Postmodernism(e) nr.5-6/2010 – Identity Dissolved/***

Postmodernism(e) nr.5-6/2010 - Identity Dissolved/***